Roland Weiss


State-of-the-art Debugging Methods for SW- and HW-Systems

In the Summer Term 2005 we have offered a seminar that focuses on current methods and tools for improving the reliability of software and hardware systems.

Summer Term 2005.

Software Development with C++

This course aims at showing how to develop robust and efficient software in C++, and how to reach this goal using C++'s rich set of language constructs. Special emphasis is put on the various programming paradigms supported by C++, i.e. procedural, generic and object-oriented programming.

Winter Term 2004.

Software Architectures and Product Line Development in Industrial Settings

In the Summer Term 2004 we have offered a seminar that deals with aspects of software architectures and product line development in industrial settings.

Summer Term 2004.

Generic Libraries

In the Summer Term 2003 I have offered a course on Generic Libraries. The course centered on several libraries that applied the methodology pioneered by the STL to other application domains like database systems, graph data structures and algorithms, numerical linear algebra, or image processing.

Determining the abstract concept hierarchy of these domains led to concise yet flexible component libraries.

Summer Term 2003.

Advanced C++

The first lectures were intended to deepen the students' knowledge acquired in introductory courses on basic features like exception handling and subtype polymorphism.

But the main focus was on modern programming techniques with special emphasis on the template mechanism, the language feature that supports generic programming in C++. Topics included expression templates for high performance scientific computations, policy based programming, generic pattern implementations, smart pointers and handle classes, and a detailed discussion of the Standard Template Library (STL).

Winter Term 2002/2003.